Former Post-Baccalaureates

Nicholas Vest 

Nicholas Vest graduated from Indiana University in 2016 with a B.S. in Psychology and a certificate in Neuroscience. Following his undergraduate studies, Nicholas pursued his research interests as the lab manager of the Learning, Education, and Development Lab at Indiana University. He is now a second-year graduate student in the Department of Psychology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison (Advisor: Martha Alibali). His research investigates numerical cognition with a focus on the development of abstract mathematical concepts. He seeks to understand how these concepts form through examining gesture, action, and language. Currently, Nicholas is studying whether number lines help children think about zero as the point between positive and negative integers. Outside of research, Nick enjoys creating new playlists on Spotify and walking his dog along Lake Mendota in Madison, WI.

Former Graduate Students

Lindsey Nelson

Lindsey Nelson is currently a Montessori guide in an elementary classroom at the Montessori Discovery School in Norwich, CT. She expects to earn her Montessori teaching diploma from the Montessori Training Center Northeast in August 2021. Lindsey has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Human Development from Connecticut College and a Master of Arts degree in Developmental Psychology from Indiana University. During her tenure in the LEAD Lab, Lindsey enjoyed studying elementary-aged children's metacognitive abilities related to their mathematics knowledge.

Former Research Assistants


  • Sabrina Ali
  • Summer Smith 



  • Bailey Gardner 
  • Christian Hickman
  • Kyler Moore



  • Elise Berclaz 
  • Greg Bond
  • Zoe Fifer
  • Audrey Fried 
  • Nathalie Plum 
  • Rose Salisbury 
  • Elizabeth Terry 
  • Tori Vance



  • Taylor Guba
  • Alexandria Hartburg
  • Kimberly Torpoco
  • Shelby Tow 



  • Prabhjot Chahal
  • Mara Flynn
  • Mariah Kelly
  • Alicia Macchione
  • Amanda Nafe 
  • Bret Schreckenghaust 
  • Alyssa Unger