If you are an undergraduate student at Indiana University with an interest in cognitive development research, you may have an opportunity to work as a research assistant in the lab. This is an excellent way to gain research experience, to get more involved in the academic community, and delve deeper into a research topic of interest.

If you are interested in joining the lab, please:

(1) Read the undergraduate guidelines for the LEAD Lab.

(2) Complete this example lab task using these instructions.

(3) Email Professor Fyfe with your completed lab task, brief information about your background, and why you are interested in joining the lab.

(4) Send a list of courses you’ve taken and grades.

If you are searching for a graduate school program that will fit your needs or have an interest in working in the LEAD Lab, please contact Professor Fyfe directly. Graduate study in the Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences at Indiana University focuses on giving you the skills and scholarly insights necessary to participate in state-of-the-art experimentation and theory. Check out the Graduate Program for more information.

We typically study children’s learning by conducting one-on-one sessions during which children play games, learn lessons, and complete assorted activities. At the end of the session, children receive a small gift for participating. We certainly could not do our research without willing children and parents! If you would like your child to participate, please email or call the LEAD Lab (; 812-855-9703) or Emily Fyfe directly (; 812-856-6856). You can also fill out the Child Scientist Sign-Up Form. We look forward to speaking with you and making the experience easy and fun!